Google+ Townhouse for Sale in Quezon City near TRINOMA: Advice for Property Buyers

Advice for Property Buyers

  1. Determine the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and parking spaces your family needs.
  2. Set the budget you can afford for the property.
  3. Decide on what type of property you want. Is it a detached house, a townhouse, or a condo unit? Each type has its advantages and disadvantages and you must weigh all of these while considering your budget.
  4. Select the preferred location of your property. Consider your travel to work. Also consider your kids' travel to school. It is also very important to consider the utilities (electricity, water, DSL internet, cable TV) servicing your preferred location. In Metro Manila, it is particularly important to select a location where Manila Water is supplying because they have very good water service.
  5. Search for your the property in classified ads and the internet. Tip: Use the type of property you want and your preferred location as your search terms in internet search engines. For example, if you are looking for a townhouse in Quezon City, key in "townhouse for sale in Quezon City, Philippines".